About Us

After years of preparation, I finally received my CFA certificate. It was definitely a memorable moment when I opened the courier package of this large 17" x 22" piece of paper. I so wanted to hang it on my office wall right away as a proof of my accomplishment. Then I realized a problem. All the frames for the right certificate size would cost hundreds of dollars, plus shipping and taxes. Visiting local frame shops one by one would be just too time consuming. After spending thousands of dollars on the exams and books, it didn't feel right to spend another chunk of money just on a frame. Many CFA charter holders I know simply chose to not to hang the official certificate due to the extra frame cost and hassle. So here I am now, trying to help fellow charterholders to make the purchase decision easier. All the frames on this site are custom made with solid wood, hand polished, and sold at cost! I really hope that we can help you a little bit on your way to more success. Thank you for your visit. Cheers.